Batting Cages

  • 8 automated Pitching Machines (4 baseball & 4 softball)
  • Each cage pitches Baseball and Softball
  • User controlled speeds from slow pitch softball to 40-70 mph
  • User can control the height of the pitch
  • For right or left handed batters

Batting cages are OPEN to the public! Anyone can come in and use the batting cages

Thunder Stix uses "Sting Free" pitching machine balls. 


Tokens for the batting cages are purchased at the front desk. Each token is worth 15 pitches!

 1 Token - (15 Pitches) $2.00
 3 Tokens - (45 Pitches) $5.00
 7 Tokens - (105 Pitches) - Best Deal $10.00
We also do cage rentals for 30 Minutes ($30) or, 60 minutes ($50)

Q. Do I have to have my own bat and helmet?

A. No.  If you don't have your own equipment, we keep a few bats and helmets in the facility that you can use free of charge.  

Q. Why Thunder Stix instead of the competition?

A. Because T-Stix ROCKS!  Our equipment is better, our instructors are better and our facility is clean and modern.  Don't take our word for it, the best high school and college players in the area have made Thunder Stix the #1 place for serious baseball and softball players in the area!  As we say in our tag line ..

 Thunder Stix is "Where the best go to get better!"